ZUMA contest CANCELLED for tomorrow Nov 21, 2015

Jordan Barratt

Meet SSS North County Kids Magazine Surfer of the Month: Jordan Barratt. Not only did Jordan make the cover, she has a 2 page spread interview (Pg. 10-11). Congratulations, Jordan!

NCKids Mag Jordan Barratt


ISA Junior’s in Oceanside

Record number of countries to compete in ISA World Jr.’s in Oceanside.


Surfer of the Month

Meet North County Kids Magazine Surfer of the Month: Jake Hennessy



Welcome Morro Bay

We welcome Morro Bay High School Surf Club to the Scholastic Surf Series. A big thank you to all that made this happen.


ISA Judging Course

The ISA Judging and Certification Course by Surfing America will be presented by Erik Krammer on Saturday – October 10, 2015 in Oceanside!!!

This course will be held in conjunction with the upcoming ISA World Junior Championships and will greatly help and educate all interested judges, officials, competitors, coaches, and parents.

For more information and to sign-up, please go to:

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Ella McCaffray Surfer of the Month

Check out the new issue of North County Kids Magazine with Ella McCaffray on the cover. (Page 9)


Surfing America Prime Results

Surfing America Prime Results August 29 & 30, 2015, DMJ’s:

Congratulations to Surfing America Prime for their eighth (8) consecutive year of competition. ‘Prime’ is at the top of the surfing ladder for the best of the best in the West of surfing competition. Surfers have earned their invitation thru their member association on the West Coast.

Scholastic Surf Series had…

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Contest in HB Aug. 29

Competitors, if you want to hone your contest skills before the SSS season starts here’s a good warmup. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: jackssurfboards.com. Pre-registration online: jacks.imsignup.com



Surf For the Sea

It’s that time of the year again. Surf for the Sea, Sept 12 & 13. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Carolyn Kramer at carolnoceanside@cs.com


Ben Goldstein

Meet the North County Kids Surfer of the Month, Ben Goldstein


Salt Life WSA Championship Tour 2015/2016 Season

Registration is Now Open for the Salt Life WSA Championship Tour 2015/2016 Season!
As of April 24 our 54nd season is open for registration! 
Registration is now open for the WSA Championship Tour 2015/2016 Season.  Click on “REGISTER NOW” below or HERE to begin the registration process.  If you have signed up for events online for WSA,…

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