High School State Champ Results now available on the STATE CHAMPS tab.

Mr. Lehrmann perching at the 2016 SSS High School States

The second perfect 10 of the high school states in the coastal division goes to Kevin Skvarna

Kirsten Noonan at the SSS High School States.

Mr. Fox getting some air time at the SSS HS States

Brice Smith SSS HS States

Mr. Helgren launching if the SSS high school states

Kayla Coscino at the SSS high school states

Makaiah Spiess

Meet Surfer of the Month Makaiah Spiess.

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Welcome Arroyo Grande

The Scholastic Surf Series welcomes Arroyo Grande Surf Team to the SSS family!


Ventura Fairgrounds Canceled 12-13-15

The LA/Santa Barbara contest at Ventura Fairgrounds is canceled for Sunday, 12-13 due to out of control surf.


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