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Congrations Shorecliffs Middle School, Middle School State Champions! @shorecliffs_surf @hoven @superbrand

Congratulations Liam Gloyd, 2014 SSS Middle School Shortboard Champion!

Congratulations Sam Reichel who received the 2014 SSS Sportsmanship Award. Sam received a new custom board from Superbrand! @superbrand

Congratulations to Gus Day - 2014 Boys Longboard State Champion!

Congratulations to Tiare Thompson - 2014 Girls Shortboard State Champion!

Congratulations to Kierston Noonan - 2014 SSS Scholastic Award by Bodyglove. @bodyglove53

VIP San Diego Surf Film Festival! These films make me want to surf! @sdsurffilmfestival

Packhouse to San Diego surf film Festival. @sdsurffilmfestival

Congratulations to all of our SSS competitors that competed at the WSA West Coast Championships. Listed below are our SSS kids and coaches that made the finals and some of them in multiple finals. Great surfing and a great season. And remember 2 summer events – WSA Menehuene July 12 and Calif State Games July 20. Have a great Summer. Tag thyself. Not pictured, Jack Stewart. @hoven @stickybumps @bodyglove58 @superbrand

SSS Kiersten Noonan was the recipient of the WSA/Midget Smith Sportsmanship award at the WSA West Coast Championships. Kiersten also received the Scholarship award at the Middle School State Champs. Congratulations Kiersten!! Well deserved!